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Maya Waverly | Instagram Post | 11 February 2020

Maya Waverly’s Instagram Post from February 11th 2020

Who is Maya Waverly?

Maya Waverly (January 25, 2001). Fashion, editorial and Instagram model who increased her brand on the aforementioned social media network where she has garnered more than 290,000 followers.

Before Fame

The first photo featured on her Instagram account was a modeling picture from a beach shoot for Squeeze Magazine. It was posted February 28, 2018.


An Instagram fan page was created for her called Let’s Talk About Waverly.

Family Life

She created an Instagram account for her cat Nala called mylittlemonsternala. She was based out of New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Associated With

She and Gabriela Salles have both modeled Luli Fama swimwear.

Social Media: